Omakase Reservations


Noble Rice is now accepting Omakase reservations at the bar.  Our Omakase is a tiered tasting menu that puts your dining experience in the hands of the Chef. When you make your omakase reservation you will be asked about what tier you wish to choose as well as any food allergies. 

We have 4 Tiers: $50/ $75 /$100 & Grand Tasting for $200

You can choose between nigiri, sashimi or mixed. Plan to stay for at least an hour, for the $50 tier, and up to 3 hours for Grand Tastings. 

Reservations are only accepted for bar seating with a maximum party size of 4. 

If you would like to secure your omakase reservation or have further inquires please give us a call between 4:30p- 10:00p Tuesday-Sunday at 813-284-7423,  or email: