Omakase Reservations


Join Noble Rice and Terroir New Music for a special NYE dinner collaboration. The dinner will feature a 5 course meal with complimentary champagne along with a music program exclusively produced for this amazing event. 

Tickets are $100/person, we will be making reservations from 6-9pm. To get your tickets email or call 813-284-7423


Noble Rice is now accepting Omakase reservations at the bar.  Our Omakase is a tiered tasting menu that puts your dining experience in the hands of the Chef. When you make your omakase reservation you will be asked about what tier you wish to choose as well as any food allergies. 

We have 3 Tiers: $75 /$100 & Grand Tasting for $200

Plan to stay for at least an hour, for the $75 tier, and up to 3 hours for Grand Tastings. 

Reservations are only accepted for bar seating with a maximum party size of 4. 

If you would like to secure your omakase reservation or have further inquires please give us a call between 4:30p- 10:00p Tuesday-Sunday at 813-284-7423,  or email: 

Nigiri / Sashimi /Specialty Rolls


NOBLE RICE is committed to bringing our customers the freshest and highest quality fish that we can source. We work closely with purveyors from around the globe to provide our customers the quality that they deserve. Our fish arrives fresh, and is handled with the highest level of detail to bring out the best textures and flavors.

Our style of sushi takes the PURITY of fish and carefully pairs it with ingredients that will enhance, not hide the beautiful flavors that nature has given us. This more traditional approach to sushi differs from the more widely know  "American -style" sushi, which adds ingredients such as cream cheese & spicy mayo; used primarily to mask the flavors of lesser quality product. 

From our house made ponzu, to our carefully seasoned sushi rice, each element that goes into our sushi has been made with painstaking care for our customers to enjoy a truly unique and memorable experience. 

Noble Nigiri & Sashimi


2 Pieces

All Nigiri Come With Fresh Grated Wasabi

  • Big Eye Tuna* - House Soy / Braised Kombu
  • Toro & Uni* - White Soy / Wasabi
  • King Salmon* - Brown Butter Maitake / Pickled Red Onion / Green Yuzu Kosho / Aged Soy
  • Toro Tartare* - Apple Mignonette / Soy / Sage
  • Anago - Vanilla Foie Gras / Espresso Kabayaki 
  • Wild Spanish Octopus - Grapefruit / Ponzu / Shiso / Black Hawaiian Salt
  • King Crab - Maitake / Yuzu / Blistered Shishito
  • Hokkaido Scallop & Uni - Sake Butter / Black Truffle / Yuzu



  • Hokkaido Scallop Tartare* - Avocado / Citrus / Pistachio  / Herbs / Soy Vinaigrette 
  • Noble Carpaccio* - Tuna / Salmon / Tosazu Jelly / Apple Mignonette /Thai Basil / Shallot
  • King Salmon Carpaccio* - Scallion Oil / Hawaiian Black Salt / Capers / Black Truffle
  • Maguro Nuta* - Chutoro / Miso Mustard / Asparagus / Green Onion
  • Tuna Poke* - Ahi / Ponzu Rayu / Sweet Togarashi / Avocado / Green Onion / Honey / Sushi Rice

Izakaya & Yakitori


  • King Salmon Ochazuke - Brown Butter King Salmon / Confit Matsutake / Onsen Tama / Sage / Black Garlic Leather / Yaki Onigiri / King Salmon & Gen Mai Cha Dashi
  • Noble Ochazuke - Confit Matsutake / Onsen Tama / Sage / Black Garlic Leather / Yaki Onigiri / King Salmon & Gen Mai Cha Dashi (can be prepared vegetarian)
  • Kimchi Pears - Sweet Kimchi Pears / Champagne Coriander Fennel / Maple Yogurt / Candied Walnuts / Curried Maldon Sea Salt
  • Bincho Charred Octopus - Curried Walnut  / Red Curry / Coconut Fennel / Herbs
  • Cider Brussels - Butternut / Tan Tan Cured Pork Belly / Misoyaki / Cashwers


  • Noble Hatsu - Chicken Heart / Foie Gras / Truffle / Scallion / Tare
  • Grass Fed Beef Tenderloin - Compound Butter / Truffle / Scallion Oil
  • Kurobuta Pork Belly - Blood Orange Maple Tare / Sage / Candied Orange Peel
  • Tsukune - Chicken Meatball / Tare / Shiso
  • Hatsu - Chicken Heart / Black Pepper Tare
  • Bonjiri - Chicken Tail / Sweet Togarashi
  • Avocado - Ponzu / Pickled Onion / Wasabi
  • Shishito Pepper - Black Pepper Tare
  • Shiitake - Black Pepper Tare / Compound Butter / Green Onion

Ramen & Snacks


  • Tan Tan Men - Triple Chicken Stock / Tobanjan / Spicy Ground Pork / Shoyu Tama / Menma / Bean Sprouts /  Mayu / Sesame / Rayu / Green Onion
  • Noble - Triple Chicken Stock / Noble Tare / Chashu / Shoyu Tama / Menma / Mayu / Rayu / Sesame / Green Onion
  • Chicken Shio - Triple Chicken Stock / Chicken Tare / Shio Tare / Chashu / Shoyu Tama / Shiitake / Mayu / Sesame / Green Onion
  • Red Curry - Triple Chicken Stock / Red Coconut Curry / Sake Pulled Pork / Shoyu Tama / Menma / Bean Sprouts / Cilantro / Mayu / Sesame / Rayu / Green Onion
  • Tan Tan Abura Udon - (brothless) Black Garlic Sesame / Tobanjan / Spicy Ground Pork / Onsen Tama / Pickled Daikon / Green Onion


  • Sake Pulled Pork Buns - Sake Marinated Pork / House Slaw / Micro Greens
  • Noble Fried Chicken (NFC) Buns - Spicy Fried Chicken / Country Gravy /Redeye Curried Gravy / Micro Greens
  • Veggie Steam Buns - Seasonal Vegetarian Bun
  • NFC Karaage - Spicy Fried Chicken / Sweet Sesame Mayo
  • Red Rice Ale Karaage - Black Sesame Buttermilk Fried Chicken / Fall Herbs / Ale & Cider Reduction
  • Tempura Shishito Peppers - Maple Soy / Green Onion / Cashews

About Noble Rice

A Letter From The Chef and Owner, Eric Fralick

About 15 years ago I moved to Japan. I had been living in New York City for the past 4 years and was eager to see the world. I first landed in Shizuoka City; a bustling city right under the great Mt. Fuji. I spent nearly a year exploring the local neighborhoods of Shizuoka learning how to properly pronounce my very basic Japanese. I was eager to try every bit of local food and culture I could get my hands on.

Many of my nights out in this beautiful city with my new friends ended up at the local izakaya. We would eat, drink, laugh and share stories. I would teach my friends American slang in exchange for the Japanese counterpart. I even participated in an "initiation" of sorts. With my friends and others at the izakaya chanting bibidi (chicken heart in english), I drank a cup of sake with a little fish swimming in the glass. This was just one of the many memories of Izakaya culture that has stayed with me over the years.

Taking part in their local traditions, and eating their version of comfort food was an experience that I will never forget. It was an entirely new journey.

It wasn't until my 2nd year in Japan that I realized I was missing something. Throughout all my experiences one thing had lacked; I was missing home, or rather I was missing that element that reminds us of home. In Japanese they call it natsukashii or good old. It's that smell, taste or sound that can instantly transport you back to a moment in time.

I was in Tokyo visiting a friend who was a bartender in Tsukishima, a neighborhood known for something called Monja. My friend insisted that I had to try Monja, but gave me no indication of what was in store. They even named a street after this "thing" I needed to try. If you've never tried or heard of Monja which I'm guessing you have not, let me describe it the way my bartender friend did for me: "It looks like vomit on a hot plate!" Oh great! I thought to myself, why would I want to eat that? To great protest and much reassuring, I gave in. Wow, was I happy I did. A grayish bowl of water came to the table accompanied by some side dishes like cabbage, and pickled ginger, and wait for it......CHEESE! Shredded cheese! I hadn't had shredded cheese in what felt like ten thousand years! Instantly I was overcome with natsukashi. The dish was good despite its appearance, but what was more profound was the cheese, and the fact that I hadn't had it since being in the US. Looking back at that moment now I see how two completely different cultures can become one.

For the next 3 years I spent my time hopping around Izakayas in Ochanamizu, Roppongi, and Aoyama. I spent an equal amount of time waiting in line for bowls of ramen in Akihabara, Ginza, and Shinjuku. I had such a passion for these local neighborhood pubs and the memories made there with friends. The many nights I spent yopari (drunk) I was also learning. Learning how food here was treated differently, almost reverently. There was a respect for tradition, there was pride in every dish. What remained with me the most about these places was that each dish was approachable. My neighborhood izakaya was a place any hard-working man or women could meet after work, whether it was an office job, salesman or CEO. It was a place that reminds us of what's natsukashii.

The word natsukashii and what it meant to me was profound. It's a feeling that's all heart. It's the true definition of nostalgia. Across cultures the one element that remains constant is that food holds a powerful nostalgia for all of us. This is what I wanted Noble Rice to be.

I believe that the best food, is the food that reminds us of all the good memories we have. At Noble Rice I have taken all my fondest memories living in Japan and combined them with all the comfort foods I grew up with, and came up with the American Izakaya. A blend of cultures that gives you that feeling of natsukashii.

Humble ingredients. Locally driven. Japanese inspired comfort food. Noble Rice.