Nigiri / Sashimi /Specialty Rolls


NOBLE RICE is committed to bringing our customers the freshest and highest quality fish that we can source. We work closely with purveyors from around the globe to provide our customers the quality that they deserve. Our fish arrives fresh, and is handled with the highest level of detail to bring out the best textures and flavors.

Our style of sushi takes the PURITY of fish and carefully pairs it with ingredients that will enhance, not hide the beautiful flavors that nature has given us. This more traditional approach to sushi differs from the more widely know  "American -style" sushi, which adds ingredients such as cream cheese & spicy mayo; used primarily to mask the flavors of lesser quality product. 

From our house made ponzu, to our carefully seasoned sushi rice, each element that goes into our sushi has been made with painstaking care for our customers to enjoy a truly unique and memorable experience.